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School Survival - Ten Steps to Beat a Classroom Lockdown Event

If you are a school teacher and a catastrophe such as an earthquake, tornado or fire hits, then your immediate responsibility must be school survival.Though these events are exceedingly unusual you must be educated and know what to do. Accordingly, here are ten points which will prepare you should the unthinkable occur.Suggested quantities are developed according to a group of 30 children. Scale the amounts given accordingly to match your requirements.  It is prudent to stock school survival supplies in bucket with a lid or if available, a camping type toilet.  School survival kits must be out of kid's eyesight in a safe place such as a janitor's closet or teacher's lounge.1. Be sure that you have sufficient food provisions. You should store at least 4 - 2400 calorie food bars for each child. These bars should give each person sufficient energy to see them through a classroom lockdown event.  Make certain you buy energy bars that have a five year shelf life. It is also suggested to store candy which can help the children take their thoughts towards something enjoyable.2. An adequate, clear water supply is imperative, so you should ensure that each student has a water pouch in addition to water purification tablets in the event the rescue does not come right away.3. You must have a whistle of some type. Despite it being such a simple tool, it could actually save your class. If your classroom is cut off from the other areas of the school, a mere signal device may alert emergency personnel who would like to locate your students.4. Be sure to include a radio/flashlight and also a flashing light which could be used to signal somebody.  An emergency glow stick is perfect. The radio can keep you entertained but most importantly, it will also keep you up to date on directions and rescue information which could save your life.5. Sufficient sanitation provisions during the emergency are essential. The apparent items to keep nearby include toilet tissue rolls and cleaning supplies. Also, keep chemical bags which can eliminate human waste. Keeping the area clean and sanitized is vitally critical. You can see why it is a good idea to store a portable toilet which doubles as a storage container.6. For your hygiene needs, include wet-naps and several bottles of hand sanitizer. Several air fresheners will store easily and will keep the air more pleasant for a short while.7. A general first aid kit is very important to have and it will pay off during an emergency if you purchase the highest quality kit.  Don't forget that it needs to be big enough for all of the children in your group.8. I would suggest including several decks of playing cards or coloring books for children. It is essential that everyone stays engaged rather than just sitting there worrying about what may or may not happen.9. Always make sure that someone is watchful at all times to listen for rescuers who are trying to find your group or for other signs, such as a public announcement.10. As the teacher, school survival depends on your decisions, so keep calm under all circumstances so this attitude will make survival more manageable for everybody.School survival kits are vital to keep in the classroom.  Being equipped as a teacher or school administrator is an important factor in safeguarding the lives of your students.

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