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Steffy Wood Products – Making Great Sand and Water Play Toys

In the past, we’ve always taught kids not to play with sandand water.  We’ve always told kids thatsand is dirty so they shouldn’t be playing with them.  We’ve also told them that playing with watercan be messy and dangerous so kids generally stayed away from it.  This was the time when parents weren’t reallyaware of the benefits of sand and water play. It’s hard to blame them because they didn’t know better.  After all, there were no great sand and waterplay toys unlike today.Fortunately, there are now companies like Steffy WoodProducts that made sure that kids of this generation and the following generationswill be exposed to the benefits of sand and water play.  It’s a long time coming but we can just bethankful that kids now have toys that can help them play in the sand and in thewater the right way.Of course, it goes without saying that playing in the sandcan be dirty and playing in the water can be messy and dangerous.  The operative word here is “can” because youcan buy products that can help avoid this. Fortunately, there are now a few companies like Steffy Wood Productsthat make sure that your kid gets to play with them minus the dirt, danger andchaos.First of all, you have to make sure that they’re going to bemade by a trusted company that has the right materials and processes to makethem.  Wood is the perfect material forthis because it’s durable and safe.  Ofcourse, they’ll be better in the hands of a manufacturer that has developed theskills and processes needed to take full advantage of the benefits of wood.Sure, there will be other materials in the sand and waterplay toys.  It’s a given that wood doesnot play well with water.  However, they’reperfect for building the foundations of the toys.  This way, your kid will be exposed to durabletoys that don’t have any risks of breaking down during playtime.  The last thing that you need is for water tospill all over the place because the legs of the water play toy broke.Steffy Wood Products made sure that the design issimple.  After all, the fun is in theplaytime itself so there’s no need for the bells and whistles.  But still, the company included a fewthoughtful features.  For example, there’sa line of sand and water play toys that have shelves.  This is very useful so your kid has a placewhere he can put his other toys.  They’realso perfect for a few towels so your kid can wipe his hands anytime he needsto.  

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