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How to make a online family tree

A free online family tree is a wonderful way to look for your familial roots. Here is a guide for you on making a free family tree online. (1) The first step that you should take is that you should start looking for a website that offers you a free online family treemaking opportunity. There are many such websites and a simple search engine query will offer you a lot of options. (2) To make a family tree you will have to start with your name. Now you have to start moving backwards. Keep it well documented, use a notebook if you want to. You can even go for a software program to help make things much easier for you. (3) Try and uncover as much information about your family members as possible. Look out for basic information like the place and date of birth and wedding of your relatives. Also find out the name of their spouses. If they are not anymore you should also enquire about the places and date of their death. (4) With the information in hand you have to start making your family tree. The very first thing to be done is to start with the familiar individuals and then work backwards from there. (5) You can start with you family tree in many ways. The easiest way is to start with the present members of your family. You have to interview them; and gather as much information from them as possible. (6) One thing that can help you a lot to form a family tree is your family bible. The family bible is a kind of record book that keeps a record of the births in the family, the marriages and the deaths of the past generations. You can also use the things like death certificates and birth certificates in the same vain. (7) Also look for information from other places like the various websites on the internet. They will give you a lot of information in the comfort of your home. Some of the websites will offer you a free access. (8) Now with everything set, go ahead and start making your family tree. You have to remember one thing, any fact or any piece of information which you include in your family tree should be double checked. This would help you to avoid any problems.

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